Phoenix VTMC 8/8.5M
2 Ram Turn / Mill with Y-Axis

8 M table
8.5 M Swing
6.5 M Rail Clearance
3 M Y-Axis

Maximum Swing 8.5 meter, 334”
Table Diameter 8 meter, 315”
Table Power 160 KW, 205 HP
Table Speed .5 – 50 RPM
Gear Ranges Two – Heavy Duty Transmission
Maximum Part Wt. 150 Tons
Rail Clearance 6.5 meter, 255”
Hydrostatic Table Bearing
Way Style Box ways
Ram Section 12” Square Live Ram, 14” Square Turning Ram
Ram (Z Axis) Stroke 2.5 meter, 136.5”
Cross Slide (X Axis) Stroke Both rams full travel using rack and pinion drive and one (1) scale with two reader heads.
Live Spindle Power 40 KW, 52 HP (Live Ram Only)
Live Spindle Speed 0-3000 RPM (Live Ram Only)
Gear Ranges Two (Live Ram Only)
“Z” Axis Thrust 12,500lbs min
“X” Axis Thrust 12,500lbs min
Spindle Taper CAT 60 with CAT 50 Sleeve (Live Ram Only)
Feed Rates 150 IPM
Rapid Rates 300 IPM
Tool Changer 20 Position Per Ram
Right Angle Head T90-10 CAT 50 Right Angle Head

Special Features:
Hi-Press Coolant Int + External + Air
Low Press Coolant Int + Ext
x2 Tool Probes
Part Probe

Independent Operator Platform that can reach any part height and out to center of table along with both rams, both rams can move the full length of the crossrail

Approx machine weight : 1,000,000 lbs



Designed for quality and flexibility the Phoenix vertical milling center (VMC) provides a tailored solution to your turning needs. Constructed with all cast iron and steel forgings and the best bearing support system in the industry an exact repeatable cut is always guaranteed. Custom-made to your part height and part swing requirements, the VMC provides maximum value. Depending on your application a second head can be added for simultaneous milling or drilling. In addition a customized pallet or gantry system is available to interface with your manufacturing floor.

Over the past 15 years we have provided more large vertical machining centers than any other manufacturer in the world. Our milling and drilling centers are used to make aircraft engines parts, bearings, heavy cast pump housings, nuclear pressure vessels and steam/gas turbine parts just to name a few.